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Case Studies

Learn from our customers’ real world experiences using our Consent Management Platform.

Case study with Heyjobs - Usercentrics
Jan 17, 2024

Case study with HeyJobs

Focusing on growth as a trustworthy partner and privacy-compliant business.

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Case study with Mediashop
Nov 1, 2023

Case study with MediaShop

Ensuring respect for user privacy and positive customer relationships along with data privacy compliance.

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Casestudy with homa
Aug 2, 2023

Case Study with Homa Games

Consent Marketing in action: How Homa Games achieved up to 10% increase in ad LTV via user consent.

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Illustration case study with One | Usercentrics
Jul 7, 2023

Case study with ONE

Achieving compliance with a platform that supports regulations around the world, for as many domains as needed, with rock-solid automated maintenance.

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Gilson and Usercentrics logo - Usercentrics
Jun 2, 2023

Case study with Gilson Inc.

Achieving simple, international cookie compliance with a well-designed, user-friendly platform that streamlines maintenance.

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Bilthouse logo - Usercentrics
Apr 11, 2023

Case study with Bilthouse Group

Security and privacy are essential to financial services to strengthen customer trust as well as ensure compliance.

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Case study with Delivery Hero
Apr 4, 2023

Case study with Delivery Hero

Achieving data privacy across platforms and around the world

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UC casestudy with Shaping new tomorrow
Mar 2, 2023

Case study with Shaping New Tomorrow

Extending strong ethics and great customer experience to online data privacy compliance while growing the business.

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Usercentrics Casestudy with Biotest
Feb 22, 2023

Case study with Biotest AG

Solving complex technical needs to achieve global privacy compliance.

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UC Casestudy with Carglass
Feb 21, 2023

Case study with Carglass®

Enabling great customer experience and increased trust with the right tools for customized and optimized consent management.

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Case study with OEV
Feb 16, 2023

Case study with OEV Online Dienste

Ensuring privacy compliance with customization and detailed data for smart decision-making.

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Case study with Hamburg Messe und Congress
Jan 18, 2023

Case study with Hamburg Messe und Congress

Achieving GDPR compliance while providing users with a seamless online experience.

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